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Available Rebates

Here is a list of available rebates. Most rebates have their own requirement and most must be requested before the job is completed or even commenced. Please follow the links and find out what the current requirements are. 

If you would like our assistance please email for more information on rebates.

Turf replacement rebate up to $2000. Turf must be replaced with landscapes that require little water.

SoCal Gas Company offers rebates for Smart Thermostat, Water Heater, Tankless Water Heater, Clothes Washer, Cold Water Clothes Washer, Furnace Rebates, Natural Gas Dryer, and Pool Heater. For details and specific rebate amount check the link.

By SoCal Gas Co - Air sealing, attic insulation, duct sealing can get you up to $3,000 rebate. Advanced Home Upgrade's can get you up to $5,500 or more in rebates. see the link for more information.

By SoCal Edison - Home Upgrade Package up to $3,000 and Advanced Home Upgrade Package up to $5,500. See current information and rebate details by visiting the link.

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